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So you have an awesome business and make great money yet you still feel your business lacks purpose…

You’ve bought all the things that you could buy yet nothing seems to fill that void…

You can’t help but think there must be a bigger purpose to my business than just making money and going to fancy dinners, buying more clothes and new gadgets.

So you contemplate some ideas of how you can make your business more purposeful, yet
nothing really seems to stick…

Well,  today’s your lucky day!

Today I will be sharing with 5 creative ways you can find purpose in your business.

So why is having a purpose in business even important? Great Question!

Your purpose in business is literately the foundation to everything your brand represents in other words purpose is one of the key secrets everyone I know making 6-figures or more have.

Having purpose in business is crucial for a few reasons:

1). It will allow you to have a vision for your brand.

2). It will give you the energy you need to finish the
task you set out to do for your business.

3). You will be more connected to the people that
you’re called to serve.

4). You will have a powerful story that will inspire
others to want to purchase from you rather than
your competitors.

So now that you know why having a purpose in your business is so crucial for online success, let’s discuss the 5 ways to find purpose in your business.


1). Your People:

Sometimes it can be so easy to become consumed with ourselves in our business and the results that were trying to reach, but be careful! While making sure we’re doing the things that we love in our business is very important, you may be shocked to find out it’s not the most important.

Yep! That’s right. The most important thing to be focused on in our business is actually our clients and customers and their wants. I have found that business instantly becomes more purposeful when we are focusing on helping others reach their goal or solve a specific problem

So if you’ve gotten off track with this one, just know your not alone me and so many other entrepreneurs have done the same at one time or another. However, I want you to begin to think about the problems, concerns, fears, worries your customers are having and how your specific product or service will be helping remove some or all of those roadblocks.

Turning the focus on yourself and back on other’s will instantly add more purpose to your business.


2). Your Strengths:

The second step to finding purpose in your business is to find out what you’re good at and do it more. I have found from personal experience, that when you’re doing more of the things you’re good at and outsourcing the rest, you typically will find more fulfillment in your work and feel like you’re truly making an impact on your customer’s lives.

The reality is when your working on projects that light you up instead of drain you, your way more effective in your business.


3). Goals:

The best way to find a purpose behind your business is to attach a goal that you really want to achieve behind it. For example, if you want to pay your parents bills with some of the money you make for your business, then you can connect that personal goal to your business, thus adding more purpose to why you do what you do.


4). Products & Services

I can remember when I first started out online 6yrs ago and how overwhelmed I was with all of the ways I could make money online. I remember doing a couple of things at the time just because they were “popular” but even though the projects made me money I did not have a passion for the products I was selling which created a lack of fulfillment for me in my business.

Now I’m creating the exact services that I could do in my sleep and  that I know without a shadow of a doubt will make a gigantic difference for those that work with me and my team. By providing services that I created myself and that are going to change my client’s businesses it add’s purpose to my “why” in business.

So ask yourself…Are you creating the products that you really want to create or are you just creating a product or service that seems to be really popular right now?

Are you delivering your products/services the way you want to or are you just doing what a fortune 500 company or top expert is doing in your niche?

For instance, if you’re doing group coaching right now but you hate being involved in the helping your clients implement the information and you really want to do digital products instead. Then let me be the first to say, it’s time to get started on your digital product and quick!

Trust me you’re going to be way more effective and happier doing what comes more natural to you. The only rule of thumb to this rule is to meet your customers in the middle, meaning sell things that they actually want.


5). Giving Back:

This is last but certainly not least. The biggest way to add purpose to your business is to continuously find ways to give back. Now this is not me just being cliche. Studies have shown that people that financially give to others are typically more overall happy people.

So the best way to find purpose in your business is to put purpose to your money. Yes, you could go purchase more purses, shoes, clothes ext. but you and I know that buying more things will never bring purpose to your business. But putting a portion of the  money you make to give to the poor or those who need it more than you will.

So I highly recommend finding an organization that’s focus is helping those in need and give a portion of your money to them. If you currently don’t have an organization and organization I donate too and highly recommend is Kings Ransom Foundation. So do you currently utilize any of these 5 ways to find purpose in your business? Have you found that they’ve made a difference? If so let me know below 🙂


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